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Useful Resources and Links on Pinhole Photography

I used to maintain a very long list of pinhole resources out on the web when I first put the pinhole gallery. Given the nature of the web and the near impossible task of maintaining a list like that given my obligations I’ve decided to put up what I (and many others) consider to be the most valuable sites having to do with pinhole photography.

Sites to visit.

Alex Yates at Pinholista

Amy Schwartz’s Pinhole Manual

Sharon Harris Photography

Nancy Breslin’s video introducing pinhole photography

History, Images, Cameras, Formulas by Jon Grepstad, 1996

Pinhole Photography Gallery. Mary Carr-Chaisson

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2002 was celebrated around the planet on 28 April 2002. Visit the gallery to view the more than 900 pinhole photographs taken on that day from participants in 35 countries!

Pinhole Photography – History, Images, Cameras, Formulas by Jon Grepstad

Jon is a leading practitioner, teacher and thinker on pinhole photography and photography as a whole. This article is one of the very best on the subject of pinhole photography. It’s supported by many images and a great wealth of useful historical fact as well as practical information on approaching pinhole photography for beginners as well as the experienced photographer.

Google Listings on “Pinhole Photography”

Just so you can get an impression of how active and vital the pinhole photography community is out there in the world, have a look at these results.

Pinhole Resource Online

The Pinhole Resource: Mecca for pinhole photographers. What more can one say?

The Pinhole Studio Mary Fahy

I examine scenes, objects or figures which have personal importance. Combined with the visual effects of the pinhole, these images transform places, objects or people into icons, representative of everyday entertainments, dreams, childhood memories or religion. As solemn as these topics can sometimes be, there is often an added element of humor which creates a bond of shared humanity between myself, the subjects and the viewer.

Jim Netter, Pinhole Images Jim Netter

Jim sent this to me. He was right. I am interested. The images are great and Jim explains what he did to get the results. Worth a visit and a stay to look around and read.

Vesna Jovanovic Vesna Jovanovic

“Although I created and studied art well before studying chemistry, I owe a large part of my current artistic sensibility to my involvement in science. During my pursuit of chemistry, moments and events gradually acquired names and the world turned into a language of formulas… But once something could be named and broken down it no longer contained its powerful, awe-inspiring mystery. As a result, and despite my continued love of chemistry, I experienced anguish and a desire to restore the enigma of life.”

Some Interesting links from Ms. Ward’s class:
An Online Guide to Pinhole Photography –

Art Concepts: A Guide to Color Theory –

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