Making Cameras

Built in 1990, still used today. Cardboard, glue, old graflex fim back.

You might want to start with the basics on camera making which are pretty straight forward. Once you’ve got the camera(s) built, you might want to print out or save and print out the exposure guide.

If you run into a problem you can contact me:

Have fun, keep lots of notes and make lots of images!

I like to see any results that people have. You can upload them here.



Instructions on how to build a panoramic pinhole camera by David Doler

David Doler has made the plans for this panorama camera design the IPanoram camera available at no cost to all members and visitors to the pinhole gallery. Thank-you David for the wonderful contribution to the gallery and to the growing community of photographers the world over who are re-discovering photography through pinhole photography.

David Doler’s IPanorame Plans and Instructions for his Ipanorame Camera & ipanorame_template.