Hello again.


It’s been a while. I apologize for the site not being online. In truth I’m not really sure of anyone comes to look around anymore. I do see the occasional upload now and again, but apart from that it’s been fairly quiet on the pinhole.org site.

There’s been a huge renaissance in both analog and pinhole photography. This wasn’t the case back when I put this site up in 1996/97. I’m wondering if I’ve just become an amusing anachronism as sites go now.

I’m a social scientist by training. A photographer by habit and compulsion. This site was originally a project I started when I started working full time and couldn’t teach pinhole and alternative photography workshops any longer.

The site thrived in its quiet way for over 20 years, but perhaps it’s best if let it fade into he annals of internet history now.

As always, my thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of artists for your support and your work.

Keep making images.

Best wishes,


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