Well, day two and the regeneration of the thumbnails has gone awry, so what’s the fix? Well, I’m currently downloading all 26000 files – images & thumbnails. Once downloaded I’ll delete the hundreds of sub-directories that house the caches of thumbnails and images, then I’ll run a binary comparison toContinue Reading

Welcome back. I apologize for being partially offline for a few months. Live has been weird; I’ve been living and working in China for a year now – it has it’s ups and downs. Anyhow, this has been a project of mine for months now and we’re mostly back onlineContinue Reading

Hey! Don’t forget that World Wide Pinhole Day is April 29th! That’s soon! Looking forward to seeing people’s images!

Hey Everyone. I’ve just moved back to Canada from Dubai and I’m in the process of resuming what I hope is a normal life – we’ll see. I just wanted you to know that I’ve never forgotten about the site, I’ve just been overloaded with work and family. Keep makingContinue Reading

Hi Everyone. It’s been a little while since I Iast updated the site. I’m in the last few months of completing my masters degree and it’s been rather busy of late. Anyhow, enough excuses. I logged in today and noticed that the image upload form was not working as itContinue Reading

Good news everyone! We’ve put a new (and hopefully improved) upload tool online for the site. You can access it here under the (image upload) page. Thanks for your patience. Byron

Hi Folks, Well, the thugs have won this round. We’ve had to close off the image upload form owing to it being a conduit for the little bastards out there in the world who are intent on nothing more than destroying everything they can get their hands on. I supposeContinue Reading